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Rehan - Tulsi

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  • Treat Cold and Cough | Treat Asthama and Bronchitis | Anti Septic
  • Rehan is an excellent antiseptic, detoxifies, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties, with effects comparable to diazepam and antidepressants drugs but without side effects.
  • It protects the liver and kidneys from the metabolic damage caused by high glucose levels.
  • It may help in the treatment of various human bacterial infections including urinary tract infections, skin and wound infections.
  • It also reduces the chances of ulcers.
  • It treats common cold, asthma and bronchitis as it removes excess cough from lungs and nasal passages. Headaches due to migraine can also be cured by Rehan.

Product Specification :-

1. Capsules per bottle    -  60 capsules

2. Each capsule content  - 500 Milligrams  

3 Veg / Non-Veg            -  Veg capsules

Key ingredients:-

Rehan (Ocimum Sanctum)

Directions for Use: -

Each capsule twice a day after meal with warm water or as per doctors prescriptions

Safety Information: -

  1. Keep out of the reach of children
  2. Do not exceed the recommended dosage
  3. Store in cold and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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