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AYUSH JOSHANDA: (Immunity boosting powder)

Sehat introduces AYUSH JOSHANDA considering the importance of immunity boosting measures in the wake of COVID -19 outbreak, Ministry of AYUSH intends to promote the use of following ready-made Ayush formulation in the interest of health promotion of the masses.

Ginger, Pepper, Cinnamon, and Tulsi is the main ingredients. These Herbs and Spices are loaded with Immunity Boosting properties and protect from viral infections.

Tulsi : is an excellent antiseptic, detoxifies, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties, with effects comparable to diazepam and antidepressants drugs but without side effects.

Ginger: Ginger is an anti - oxidant, anti-inflammatory and packs some heat in the form of Gingerol.

Cinnamon: is anti-inflammatory, cuts the risk of heart conditions, lowers blood pressure levels. It also helps in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It also helps to combats infections. We particularly use Ceylon cinnamon as it has shown to have a higher nutritional value.

Pepper: is a versatile spice which is commonly used in the Indian household. It is high in anti-oxidants, shows beneficial properties to the brain, improves blood sugar levels, and is said to have cancer fighting properties.

Benefits of Ayush joshanda :-
• Strengthens immunity.
• Cures cough, cold, sore throat and bronchitis.
• Helps in digestion.
• Helps in treating respiratory problems.
• Helps to flush out toxins.
• Improves metabolism.

Directions for Use: -
½ tsp. (3gm of churanam/safoof) should be dissolved in 150ml of lukewarm water. Filter and drink twice daily. To enhance the taste Honey/ Jaggery/Lemon Juice can be added or as directed by physician.


Pregnant ladies, Lactating Mothers & Children’s under 5 years

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