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Arq E Ajeeb

Rs. 60

Arq E Ajeeb

If you’re looking for a product with multifaceted benefits, all you need is 2 - 5 drops of Arq ajeeb, a compound formulation of class Unani medicine made from Thymol, Mint and Camphor.

Arq e Ajeeb is great for respiratory health as it soothes cough, reduces tonsillitis and relieves chest congestion.Presence of camphor in Arq e Ajeeb kills bacteria, microbes and virus. Drops of Arq e Ajeeb can be used in tea or coffee or warm water to boost immunity. It can also be used externally on head and forehead for headache and sinusitis.


Reasons to reach for Arq E Ajeeb:

* Migraine 

* Headache

* Indigestion 

* Stomach Ache

* Common Cold 

* Coryza

* Catarrh

* Breathe easy



Internally :- Add 1-2 drops of liniment in 100 ml of water .

Externally:- Gently massage 2-4 drops of liniment on affected areas.

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