Sehat Herbals

Arq E Ajeeb

Rs. 60

Arq e Ajeeb is a product with multifaceted benefits. All you need is 2-5 drips of this product, a compound formulation of class Unani medicine made from Cinnamomum camphora, Mentha arvensis and Trachyspermum ammi


Reasons to reach for Arq E Ajeeb:

* Migraine 

* Headache

* Indigestion 

* Stomach Ache

* Common Cold 

* Coryza

* Catarrh

* Breathe easy



Internally :- Add 1-2 drops of liniment in 100 ml of water .

Externally:- Gently massage 2-4 drops of liniment on affected areas.

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