Sehat Skin and Hair Clinic ( parent company of "SehatHerbals" was founded in 1997 with specific focus on Hair, Scalp and Skin problems. Its main goal is in providing holistic health service by helping people with these problems in a natural way, utilizing all the ancient herbal remedies along with modern scientific methods of treatments. These therapies have proven successful with satisfied clientele behind the success story of this enterprise.Dr Talat Salim’s dedication and unwavering spirit is the reason that Sehat Skin and Hair Clinic has been ranked the 5th Best Trichological Clinic in South India by Times of India group.
        Sehat Skin and Hair Clinic provides hair, scalp and skin treatments with products to combat hair loss, thinning of hair and related problems, such as dandruff, scalp scaling conditions, scalp itching, seborrhoeic eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, folliculitis, pigmentation of skin, acne, skin brightening in both men and women and wart removal for ladies.
        The scientifically formulated and medically proven treatment courses for hair loss and skin conditions available at Sehat Skin and Hair Clinic are fully recognized by doctors and other medical specialists. These are used by thousands of men and women throughout India and many other countries.
        Having an immense interest in the cosmeceutical effect of herbs on skin and hair, Dr Talat Salim (Trichologist, Cosmetic Physician, Hijama Specialist, BUMS, L.T.T.S (London), PGDCC) opened her clinic Sehat (The Skin and Hair Clinic) in 1997 which after 20 years of expertise led to the formation of brand Sehat Herbals.
        Sehat Herbals is our range of natural formulations for hair and skin care and general health care, whether you are looking for a hair oils, hair supplements, specialized Skin Care range like face packs and face creams or special supplements for general health care to boost immunity and general well being. . The ingredients comprise of unani herbs, flowers, plant extracts, essential oils and other natural substances. All the products are 100% herbal, chemical free and paraben free.