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Itrifal Ustukhuddus

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  • Sinusitis | Giddiness | Chronic Headache, Catarrh & Cold
  • Itrifal Ustukhuddus has potential health benefits in chronic headache and is useful in migraine and sinusitis.
  • It reduces acidity and provides relief from headache associated with hyperacidity or gastric diseases.
  • Itrifal Ustukhuddus reduces gas formation in the abdomen. The herbs present in it help in abdominal distention, intestinal gas and cramps.
  • Itrifal Ustukhuddus is mainly a brain tonic, provides strength to brain and prevents nerving disorders.
  • This formulation contains Triphala and Ustukhuddus as main ingredients. Triphala acts as mild laxative which helps in digestive ailments. It is beneficial for constipation as well and acts as detoxifier.
  • It helps in dizziness, eye pain and vertigo.
  • Itrifal Ustukhuddus has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial properties.
  • It reduces the mucus secretion and congestion, which gives relief from all symptoms of catarrh.
  • Regular use of Itrifal Ustukhuddus is beneficial for maintaining black hair and helps in premature greying of hair in small age groups.

    Ingredients: -

    Each 10g contains:

    • Post Haleela Zard (0.18g),
    • Post Haleela Kabuli (0.18g),
    • Haleela Siya (0.18g),
    • Post Baleela (0.18g),
    • Amla (0.18g),
    • Berge Sana Makki (0.18g),
    • Turbud Sufeed (0.18g),
    • Bisfayij (0.18g),
    • Ustakhudus (0.18g),
    • Mastagi (0.18g),
    • Aftimoon (0.18g),
    • Kishmish (0.18g),
    • Maweez Munaqa (0.18g),
    • Roghane Badam Shireen (0.9g),
    • Shehad (6.76g).

    Directions for Use: -

                7-12gm with Lukewarm water

    Safety Information: -

    1. Keep out of the reach of children
    2. Do not exceed the recommended dosage
    3. Store in cold and dry place, away from direct sunlight
    4. To be taken under medical supervision


    Pregnant ladies, Lactating Mothers & Children’s under 5 years

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