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Capsule Jawarish Kamooni

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  • Jawarish Kamooni is the best Unani medicine that enhances the activity of the stomach, intestines and increases digestive enzymes.
  • Jawarish Kamooni relieves pain in the stomach and intestines caused due to flatulence.
  • Patients suffering from gastrointestinal problems got satisfactory results from Jawarish Kamooni. It improves digestive functions, neutralizes acidity which in-turn treats chronic constipation.
  •  It is used for belching unpleasantness, which is very important for the creation of hunger. It is also effective in hiccups and foul burps and useful in gastrointestinal colic.

Ingredients: -

Each 500mg Capsule contains:

  • Zeera Siyah (232.60mg),
  • Barg Sudab (93.04mg),
  • Zanjabeel (93.04mg),
  • Filfil-e-Siyah (69.78mg),
  • Bura Armani (11.63mg)

Product Specification :-

1. Capsules per bottle    -  60 capsules  

2 Veg / Non-Veg            -  Veg capsules

Directions for Use: -

1-2 Capsules with Luke warm water or as directed by the physician.

Safety Information: -

  1. Keep out of the reach of children
  2. Do not exceed the recommended dosage
  3. Store in cold and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Caution: In case of an allergic reaction stop the medicine and contact the doctor. Store in Cool & Dry place


Pregnant ladies, Lactating Mothers & Children’s under 5 years

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