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Honey Combo

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This Diwali gift your loved ones and yourself the gift of sweetness and health.

Combo Content:-

1 Ginger Honey

Honey is an unrivaled medium to transmit the wondrous benefits of ginger. Both Honey and Ginger have their own health benefits and the combination provides additional bonuses.


  • Cures cough cold and sore throat 
  • Improves metabolism 
  • Strengthens immunity 
  • Helps in treating respiratory problems
  • Helps  in weight loss


100% Pure Kashmir Honey & Ginger Honey

2 White honey

White honey procured from untouched white flowers from Kashmir valley. This sweet ingredient combines great taste with nutrition and also supplies efficient proteins, vitamins and minerals to human body.


  •  Excellent sugar alternative for diabetic patients.
  •  High anti oxidant content protects against multiple diseases
  •  Provides valuable vitamins and minerals to the body.
  •  Helps athletes though longer periods of physical activity.


100% Pure Kashmir Honey 

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