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Honey Combo

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This Diwali gift your loved ones and yourself the gift of sweetness and health.

Try our Honey Combo containing the rare #whitehoney and #saffronhoney

Combo Contains :

1, Premium Kashmir White Honey 300 G:-


  • Helps athletes though longer periods of physical activity.
  • Excellent sugar alternative for diabetic patients.
  • Acts as a cough suppressant and relieves throat pain.
  • Treats digestive issues and works great for gut health.
  • High anti oxidant content protects against multiple diseases.
  • Provides valuable vitamins and minerals to the body.
100% Pure Kashmir Honey 

2, Kashmir Saffron Honey 250 G:- 

Benefits: -

  • Helps to promote learning & boosts memory power
  • Reduces symptoms of cold & cough
  • Promotes weight loss and helps in smooth digestion
  • Acts as a stress buster, mood enhancer & anti-depressant
  • Improves vitality & libido

    Ingredients :-

    Pure Kashmir Honey and Pure Kashmir Saffron 


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